Ty Cary


"This guy has changed my life!! From the way I eat, the way I lift, and the dedication to my body that I live by everyday."

-Ty Cary-Standing Buck Productions

Rihana Cary


"Eric always pushes me past the point of  comfort, and that's when you start to see a true difference. Make sure  you give him a follow for health tips and workouts! "

-Rihana Cary, Under Armor Athlete 

Kymry Hayden


"There are many trainers that you can work with but rarely do you find a  trainer willing to give every ounce of energy completely dedicated to  you and your personal success like this guy. If you are in the market for a trainer this is the one you're looking for."

-Kymry Hayden

Lori Winberg


"Eric has been so inspiration to me in my journey to better health and fitness...and for that, I will be forever grateful. His nutrition coaching is AMAZING and that is what led to  my ultimate dream of competing on stage; first in Lincoln City then at the Emerald Cup at the age of 54! Love you Eric and Emmy for all that you have done and with the most ultimate beastmode training a girl could ask for." Lori Winberg

Mark Scott


"Finally tired of putting in countless hours at the gym with little to no results? Do you wanna get fit but don't know how to? Here's your chance to make a game changing decision for your health and future!  I've been training with Eric McCormack (Outlaw Strength) for 2 Yrs and the results have surpassed my expectations by far! Started at 230ish pounds and currently at  192, under 16% body fat and still  dropping . Give Eric a shot and don't look back,have him get your  nutrition dialed in and get the results you've been looking for!" -Mark Scott