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Workout & Nutrition Program-4 weeks

Not getting the results your looking for in gym? It could be your workout regimen and lack of proper fuel for your body, your lifts and Macro timing! Lets switch up your training sessions and make sure you're properly feeding your body the calories it needs to exceed your personal health goals! This is our most popular program!  To get started with this program, click on purchase link below.

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16 Week Contest Prep

Ready to compete? Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men's Physique, Women's Physique and Figure competitors nationally! Contact me today for prices and plans!

12 Week Nutrition Plan

Ready to get lean, learn proper nutrition and eating habits and shed the extra  body fat for good? Wedding, photo shoot, vacation, event, special occasion? This program is for you!  

4 Week Nutrition

Workouts and training are on track but you're not recovering adequately,  your energy level is tanking, or your body has stopped responding to what once worked for you? Or maybe you are trying to clean up your eating habits and don't know where to start? Lets take a look at your calories in, calories out and make some adjustments together to help you accomplish your goals.

Personal Training

Are you located in the Eugene/Springfield Oregon area or visiting? One on One personal training sessions available. Contact me directly to schedule your sessions.  

Workout DVD

Purchase your Beastmode Training DVD here.

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